tori amos’ NYC album release party!

good evening! gosh it was such an amazing coincidence to be in NYC the very same day my dear tori amos held a record release party for her kick-ass new 9th studio album american doll posse which dropped this past tuesday (thanks to the good folks over at AOL music you can stream the entire album!) she played an incredible thirty minute set of new songs over at ‘spotlight live’ on broadway – i was a little bummed because i got there a drop late and missed my opportunity to get my picture snapped with ms. amos – but i was just glad to be able to attend (besides i probably would’ve been speechless & fainted in front of her!)

i must give a special shout out to my pal abe who was able to secure my entry and also helped me set up the tori/popbytes contest (which you can still enter!) i brought along my gal gillian who had never seen tori play live before and was impressed – of course she was…tori rules! below is a little bit of video i shot which i’m quite pleased with – the audio is pretty great – also there’s a few pics i was able to snap! i simply can’t wait until she comes to los angeles and plays a full show – you all know how crazy i am for her – and really tuesday night was so super special – gosh i love her! (here’s another account of the evening from undented) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS check out the clip at the bottom i just came across – an amazing taped performance of beauty of speed – it’s haunting & brilliant!

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