i have told many my theory – many agree – ok here it goes – monday sucks yes – but yr still ‘reeling’ from the weekend – so its kinda ok – wednesday – its the middle of the week – hump day! thursday doesnt even matter – and friday – yr pumped for the weekend – sat & sun is sleep-in bliss – BUT ITS TUESDAY that holds no fun thoughts or excitement – tuesday is officially the SUCK all day!

whats been going on?? oh did you call see FOREVER EDEN last night?? its ok – its only on once this week so we dont overload on SIN – and oh neveen – she is now the richest gal in all of eden! those ‘bitches’ better watch out – especially – miss should have left already because im a stuck up stupid fake bitch kassie – and next week the AZ factor hits eden – thanks to my gal chrystal (hey sweetie!!) – she has filled me in on this whole AZ factor – its the arizona factor – and i really cant explain it – except tune in next week to see the AZ factor in FULL effect! and look for AZ to become the first ADAM of eden – and who will he pick to be his EVE?

oh AMERICAN IDOL held their lackluster WILDCARD night – where 4 more lucky hopefuls will advance to the final 12 – no one blew me away tonight – i do like that GEORGE HUFF – and gosh mark metzger is freakin cute – but dude chill on that smile – you could kill people with it! and ryan – he just seems to get cuter and cuter as time goes on – and i think he is an EXCELLENT host – and i love his banter with simon – they should just be lovers for a bit – it would be scandalous!!!

nothing else really – it seems we are all having post oscar depression – we need something new and invigorating to get us back into the swing of things – thats all for now folks!

oh and PS i just discovered there is a person from a past season of SURVIVOR working in my building – i kept thinking WHERE DO I KNOW HIM FROM? and then it hit me like a ton of bricks – SURVIVOR – those are all the details i should provide here…but HES CUTE!

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