Twitter is like crack, she won’t be able to stay away!

Many thanks go out tonight to my blog buddy Amy Grindhouse for cluing me in about Courtney Love apparently quitting Twitter (@CourtneyLoveUK) Remember that half-naked photo she posted of herself the other day? Well, I guess she didn’t mean for to be out on the web (and on my blog along with everyone else’s) her latest tweet reads ‘I’m off twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend’ If that picture was really meant to be private, why the hell did she upload it to TwitPic?! I use that service – and I don’t see any way to make a picture private – Courtney should have texted it to the person or did it the old-fashioned way – print it out and frame and tie a bow around it! Although girlfriend claims to be ‘off twitter’ – I give her a week before she logs back on! (Maybe sooner) I’ve now tweeted over 22,000 times – it’s seriously like crack – she will not be able to stay away! Popbytes over and out – xoxo!

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