two out of five spices reunite!

oh i miss those spice girls! here are emma bunton (baby) and geri halliwell (ginger) together again at a buckingham palace garden party…as much as i would love to see all five spices back together again i wouldn’t hold my breathe :( i think it would be hard to get all of them to reunite…especially my favorite melanie c (sporty) who has had the most solo success IMHO since being a spice and without all the girls it just wouldn’t work but a spice reunion is a pleasant thought on a sunday…maybe i should just watch spice world again! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell attended to a Buckingham Palace Garden party in London, 14 July 2006, in honour of Celebrity Ambassadors and staff of The Princes Trust. The party was held as part of the anniversary celebrations for The Princes Trust Charity. The Princes Trust works with young people that are in schools, in care, or are long-term unemployed and disadvantaged in the United Kingdom, to help develop confidence and motivation for careers through support and finance.

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