‘Liz & Dick’ is being investigated by unions

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Somewhere between the fact that Lindsay Lohan ran her car into a truck before taking a nap that required medical attention, someone must have sat down, had a conversation about Liz & Dick, and thought “Hey, there is something up with this crap because that’s weird.” So of course, SAG-AFTRA has finally decided to look into what exactly is weird about all this. From The Hollywood Reporter:

In a statement to THR, actors union SAG-AFTRA said, “We’re looking into this matter but can’t yet provide any verified information.” A spokeswoman added, “Our people are on it.” IATSE, the union that represents movie and television crewmembers, declined comment. However, a source told THR that “the business agents are looking into long hours on the production.” Lifetime referred questions to producer Larry Thompson, who said through a spokesman, “We have not been contacted by anyone at SAG-AFTRA about any complaint … [or] by anyone at IATSE about any investigation.” He added, “We are in total compliance with all guild regulations on Liz & Dick.”

Remember back when this was just a weird Lifetime movie starring Lindsay, not some weird conspiracy involving insurance and car accidents and actresses mysteriously passing out for hours? Honestly, did they have this much trouble filming Mother, May I Sleep With Danger back in 1996 with Tori Spelling? Making a movie that will only be seen by white women in their forties really should not be this hard.

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

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