unscripted lands on DVD

happy monday and columbus day (oh that 1492) – i didn’t have the day off which is just shameful and a cryin’ shame – when there is no mail – there should be no work – i like that rule! but in the end it just sucks to be part of the whole 9-5 grind – popbytes does keep me sane – so thank heavens for that!

anyways you all know i am only slightly obsessed with hollywood – so when i got a preview copy of the HBO series unscripted that is to hit stores next week – i was thrilled – it was a small comedy series (created by george clooney and steven soderbergh) – 10 episodes in all – well worth your viewing time – it was one of these kinda infused reality & fiction shows – that took a look at three actors trying to make or break it here in hollywood – i loved this series when it was airing – very clever and quite funny – and really made me thank my lucky stars that i am NOT an aspiring actor here in hollywood – i prefer the pop sidelines – such an interesting business – and i think this show for captured some ups and downs of living ‘the actor life’ here in LA – and for some reason i just adore krista allen (who used to date mr. cutie clooney) – she just shines in this series along with acting vet frank langella who plays an acting coach – if you haven’t seen this series – i highly urge you to check it out…popbytes out for now – just be happy we made it through monday! xxoo

There are no red carpets or premiere parties–just a string of hopeless auditions and humiliating, low paying jobs. This is the real life story of struggling Los Angeles actors that is hilariously captured in HBO Video’s October 2005 DVD release Unscripted: The Complete First Season. Executive produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, the series blends improvisation and real life taking a dryly humorous insider’s look at the all-too-earnest, frequently raucous, often disillusioning lives of several young actors trying to make a living – and make it big – in Hollywood.

The series stars actors Krista Allen, Bryan Greenberg and Jennifer Hall playing themselves and Frank Langella as their tough, no-nonsense acting teacher Goddard Fulton. As they navigate the ins and outs of Tinsel Town, crossing paths with real-life actors, producers, directors and agents, they provide a fly-on-the-wall glimpse at how the process of learning how to act often takes a backseat to the less-subtle skills involved in selling yourself in a cutthroat and highly competitive business.

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