valerie cherish soundbytes!

see i can’t go for long without mentioning our dear valerie cherish – people are still clamoring and begging HBO to give the comeback another season! (give her another take – give her another take) so a dear fan of popbytes and ms. cherish sent over a few .mp3 clips of some great valerie moments (posted below) – i so had to share them with you all! thanks to mr. bryan for sending them my way – he mentioned he keeps calling HBO and tells them ‘i need to know i am being heard’ just like valerie! us valerie fans are a rare breed – i don’t know if any ouf our valiant efforts to save this show will payoff – but it sure is fun trying and there better be a DVD of the first season or we will really go nuts! i don’t think HBO saw this protest coming – so again sign the petition (over 3200 signatures so far!) and keep calling HBO at 212.512.1208 – popbytes out for now…xxoo

valerie cherish soundbytes (.mp3’s)

» i dont wanna see that

» this is my comeback

» i need to know i am being heard

» give her another take!

» concerned about…

» i like that!

» the one that flies

» you clean up nice

» hello hello hello

» where is the love?

» i heard

» without mickey

» people live valerie

» in da house

» valerie gives presents

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