Vanessa Hudgens thinks her fans are obnoxious!

Vanessa Hudgens

Remember Vanessa Hudgens? She’s the girl who starred in those High School Musicals, and then she was Zac Efron‘s beard until they split up and now she’s been cast in a bunch of really terrible movies that no one watched (Seriously, Beastly? How does giving a really hot guy kickass tattoos and awesome scars make him ugly? That movie was bullshit.) Well, it turns out she’s also kind of a total tool, first by saying that the Internet is the worst invention ever because people sometimes say mean things on something that promotes the free, instrant exchange of information and knowledge, and now she’s calling all her fans obnoxious teenagers. But remember to go see Sucker Punch!

Even Hudgens admits that in most circles, she’s still recognized as Gabriella, the shy, brainy student she played in the tween series. “Teenagers come up to me and are obnoxious about the whole thing, like, ‘Oh my God, you’re that girl! You’re that girl from the Disney Channel.’ And I’m like, ‘I was that girl,'” she said, twirling a strand of her hair. SOURCE

Yeah, the girls who have supported you since you first started acting? Obnoxious little bitches. Congratulations Katherine Heigl, you’ve just been out-bitched by a Disney star. Hell, I know Heigl was a bit of a bitch, but at least she never outright called her fans obnoxious for being the only demographic who thinks she has anything even remotely approaching talent. But hey, it would be so great if you still went out and bought tickets to her movie.

Vanessa Hudgens

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