Vienna Girardi stormed off ‘Relationship Rehab’

Vienna Girardi

You know it’s going to be a slow news day when I actually care enough about Vienna Girardi to pretend she’s relevant. Anyway, the bitch apparently is still carving out a decent living in the reality TV circuit, because someone decided to cast her on Relationship Rehab, the show where d-list asshole couples go to show the world what colossal assholes they are. Anyway, Vienna walked off the set after producers also cast one of her exes. Which one? Beats the hell out of me. They’re all basically the same at this point. The Huffington Post reports:

It hasn’t been an easy holiday season for reality show star Vienna Girardi. After flaunting their relationship on Bachelor Pad 2, Girardi split from boyfriend Kasey Kahl in November and reportedly moved back to the peanut farm her parents own in Geneva, Florida. A new life change, right? Not so fast: the serial reality show contestant, who first shot to fame last year when she became engaged to Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor — left the farm shortly thereafter to film Relationship Rehab with said ex-boyfriend Kahl. (It appears the two patched things up). Now TMZ reports that the 25-year-old Girardi has angrily stormed off set, telling producers that she “hates” them, because the producers ushered in yet another ex-boyfriend: Lee Smith, with whom Girardi was allegedly flirting with while engaged to Pavelka.

So basically, Vienna got pissed off because the producers reminded her that all she’s ever done is use a series of increasingly desperate and pathetic men to get herself on reality TV. Honestly, the only way they could have made this more hilariously insulting is if they made her take an eye test too. “All right Vienna, here’s what I need you to do: I need you to make both your eyeballs point in the same direction at the same time. Ready? Uh-oh! You failed.”

Vienna Girardi

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