Vinny just unquit the ‘Jersey Shore’

Vinny Guadagnino

I’m assuming after the producers realized that Vinny Guadagnino was one of the only actual-Italians on the cast, the cast of the Jersey Shore has apparently banded together to convince Vinny to comeback to the show since he’s pretty much the least completely fucked up human beings on the show and God knows someone needs to be the foil (of sorts) for the other seven perverted drunks.

Apparently the Jersey Shore cast enjoys a big pain in the ass, because we’ve learned Vinny has returned! As TMZ reported Saturday night, Vinny and the cast went to dinner and a club last night, in an effort to heal the deep psychological wounds between them — and apparently it worked. Vinny was spotted as he made his way into the house (above) … carrying a bag of laundry. SOURCE

And apparently, Vinny’s the one being a pain in the ass despite the fact that the rest of the cast basically don’t do anything other than drink, punch, fuck and cry 24-hours a day. Welcome to magical upside-down-backwards land where being a total douchebag makes you likable and where acting like the least demented person in a room full drunkey monkeys makes you the asshole!

Vinny Guadagnino

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