Watch: Madonna’s Super Bowl performance!

Madonna - Super Bowl

Just in case you missed Madonna‘s incredible twelve-minute performance during the Super Bowl‘s (go Giants!) half-time show earlier today, watch it below! Overall it was hands down the best half-time show ever, from the detailed costumes to the elaborate sets, it was an amazing spectacle that completely blew me away. Let’s also not forget girlfriend is 53 and still appears to be at the top of her game, so to all the haters with their snide little comments, please step aside! I feel bad for whoever will perform next year, it’s bound to disappointing compared to Madge’s performance, she seriously set the bar super high!

I originally thought she got paid to put on that show, yet it turns out the lady wasn’t paid a dime, all the major worldwide press and publicity is payment enough (of course all expenses incurred were covered), especially since she’s about to release her highly-anticipated new album MDNA next month! I’ve been a Madonna fan for almost three decades, when I was eight ( back in 1984) Like A Virgin on vinyl (along with the EurythmicsTouch) was my first music purchase, instantly I became hooked for life. Even if you’re not a fan there’s simply no arguing about her unmatched energy and stamina, she’s a true original, no one is ever going to take her place. Discussions about who could possibly be the next Madonna are completely pointless (sorry Lady Gaga), there will never be anyone quite like her (the same could probably be said about Michael Jackson), I feel blessed to still be a witness to her enduring phenomena!

Madonna - Super Bowl


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