‘Weeds’ and ‘Californication’ red carpet pics!

hey kids! tonight i had the opportunity to cover the red carpet premiere of showtime‘s series weeds (3rd season) & californication (series premiere) luckily i had an amazing blogger comrade by my side – ms. stacy from seriously? omg! wtf? (read her take on the event) we both were near the end of the red carpet but of course at these type of events there’s always a pecking order and we got what we could…

the first lady we got to talk to who was the stunning & gracious academy award winner marlee matlin (who stars in showtime’s the L word) she was just the cutest thing and really nice! we also got to chat with evan handler – of course i had to ask him about the upcoming sex & the city movie – he said that his character ‘harry’ (who married ‘charlotte’ played by kristin davis) was in the script but there’s a few ‘business’ things to be worked out but he hopes it’s a go! (stacy also just posted on this tidbit)

then i spotted mary-kate olsen (she guest stars on this season of ‘weeds’) who didn’t really stop for many people but i did manage to snag a few shots (posted below) i also finally got to see david duchovny in person (who is really tall – which totally threw me off…he always seemed like a short type of guy to me!) but he breezed past us without a second glance – and i didn’t really get a picture of him – except his back which you’ll find at the bottom – he’s gorgeous in person but i wish he would have spared even a few seconds for us little people…

which brings me to the star of the red carpet mary-louise parker (and the star of ‘weeds’) who was shuffled inside before we got to talk to her but one of her handlers told fans standing outside that she’d be back in five minutes – lo & behold after all the hoopla was over – she came back outside and posed with fans while signing autographs! stacy & i both asked her for to pose for a picture which she kindly did – plus i got to tell ms. parker that her dress rocked and she seemed quite happy with the compliment – i was very impressed that she came back – way cool!

finally i must give a shout out to justin kirk who was very sexy in person (and tall too!) he worked with ms. parker previously in angels in america (which if you haven’t seen – you must!) overall i had a great time and i’m totally pumped over the premiere of both shows taking place on august 13th! (and god bless stacy for keeping me company – she’s way cool & funny!) popbytes over & out for tonight (between last night & tonight – i’m burnt out – i need some sleep) xxoo!

(pics from top to bottom: marlee matlin, mary-kate olsen, matthew modine, evan handler, renee victor, garry shandling, justin kirk, mary-loiuse parker, david duchovny’s back)

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