The WBC is picketing Liz Taylor’s funeral

Elizabeth Taylor

The way of the animal kingdom goes in such a way that when something dies, eventually vultures and various other disgusting creatures will swoop down to feed off of it. Case in point, The Westboro Baptist Church has already declared that they’re going to picket Liz Taylor‘s funeral because she helped ease the suffering of people with HIV/AIDS, and apparently, helping to alleviate people’s suffering goes against God’s will or something … I dunno. You can’t beat crazy with logic.

Those horrible, intolerant, heartless gay-haters at the Westboro Baptist Church are preparing to spread their evil message at Elizabeth Taylor‘s funeral … a higher power tells TMZ. Margie Phelps — daughter of WBC Pastor Fred Phelps — took to Twitter today to announce the church is going to picket non-lesbian Liz’s funeral … all because Liz was apparently some sort of gay “enabler” and (God forbid) an AIDS activist. SOURCE

So yes, Liz Taylor tried to bring a little happiness to people’s lives and because of this God hates her. Yeah, see if you can figure that one out, because I sure as hell can’t. To be fair, when you consider that Fred Phelps has already beaten the crazy so firmly into his family that they think everyone is going to hell for being decent human beings treating people with respect … honestly, I’d take my chances in hell before I tried getting up to whatever crazy heaven these people are trying to get into.

Elizabeth Taylor

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