what is a love song? mashup time!

Last year, a spunky, fresh-faced new artist named Sarah Bareilles was all over the place with “Love Song,” her earworm debut single. You most likely first heard it in a commercial for Rhapsody, some TV shows, and it soon caught fire. The last time you probably heard the early 90’s cheese-pop of “What Is Love” from Haddaway was when The Roxbury Guys were boppin’ their dork heads to it on SNL. Ain’t nothing like a guilty pleasure, right? Well, I never expected these two songs to be imagined in a mashup, but longtime Netherlands masher Pheugoo did, and it’s surprisingly infectious, danceable, and fabulous!

Listen to What is a Love Song? [.mp3 8.2mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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