Hey folks its been a while! And tomorrow it being February and all the time is flying! Feb is to be a good month! Here are my quick items of interest and some excitings things coming in feb!

TRAFFIC to popbytes has been GREAT due to some ads on google and just generally updating the site on a regular basis – last month i was at 320 – this month 860! please keep returning!

TIL DEATH DO US PART: CARMEN AND DAVE – oh lordy! these two are wild – i heard about some show with navarro (the hot rocker from JANES ADDICTION and RHCP) and ms. carmen electra – well i caught a whole hour – and i was disturbed but could not turn it off – for thier wedding invites they had lachappelle shoot them NAKED – hold yr seats – AT A MORTUARY – the ‘concept’ being they will be together ‘forever’ – you just have to watch for yourselves – its really odd – but kinda fun – a complete 360 from nick and jess….

KELIS will be opening for BRITNEY SPEARS – you go girl!!

THE OSCARS are coming FEB 29th – much earlier than last year – they cut down the campaign time to help curb any negative publicity (a la beautiful mind/john nash)

COURTNEY LOVE – her cd is still planned for a feb 10th release – im dying – and i even signed up to be part of some street team promotion – whatever that may mean – but i love to spread the word of ms. love – go to courtneylove.com

INDIGO GIRLS latest album comes on feb 17th – and i got an ‘advance’ copy and its among their best work ever – these gals are true musicians – check it out – indigogirls.com

after a LONG time – BARBARA WALTERS will no longer be on 20/20 (no worries – the show will carry on with the highly enjoyable john stossel) – walters plans to focus on specials and cool assignments – this gal is going to be around forever – along with CHER!

VON DUTCH – ok i broke down and picked up one of those stupid hats – they do have a cool website though – vondutch.com

ok now for something stupid – but i found out from a co-worker – that in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (yes that movie with geena davis and madonna about women’s baseball) – that at the end – the older ‘geena davis’ character of DOTTIE is ACTUALLY NOT geena davis in makeup – shocked i was – i always assumed it was – something was odd aout it – this all came up over a lunch discussion of actors getting made up to be old and how usually horrible it is (gosh we eevn brought up FOR THE BOYS with bette midler – who did that job????)

as jan comes to close i will still admit im stuck on the PINK cd – so if you haven’t go get it – TRY THIS ON – a solid great pop album!

and a final shout out to my pal dana – another pop culture junkie like myself – we went to high school together and recently reconnected a la classmates.com – and a shout out to lauren – gosh its all so wild – and my ten yr reunion is on nov 26th….gosh will that be a hoot!

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