who is the nip/tuck carver?

oh my gosh after tonight’s new episode of nip/tuck there are only three episodes left before the end of this third crazy season…15 episodes in all – gosh that sure went fast – it all wraps up in a big two episode explosive finale on dec 20th – when we are all supposed to find out who the hell the carver is?!? there is even a myspace page for the carver – check it out over at myspace.com/thecarver – i have a few theories – i’m gonna go over each of the main characters (in order of the pics below) – it has to be one of them…but i guess it could still be a secondary player (like ava!)…anything & everything is possible on nip/tuck

dr. quentin costa – ok this guy is such a complete asshole and creep – when he first appeared this season i will admit i was mildly attracted to him – kinda in the mode of james spader – but as we have gotten to know him a bit more – what a prick! julia is so dumb for fucking him – however i doubt he is the carver since it is just too easy to say he is the one – if quentin ends up being the baddie – i will be seriously disappointed – it just can’t be this obvious!

dr. christian troy – oh i love dr. troy and he was already a victim of the carver so i doubt he is the one – but you never know – i’m sure the writers could pull something out of their asses and make him have some dual personality bullshit going on but to have the main character be the carver would kill the show…it can’t be him – i would cry if it was – he is so hot! he can’t be slashing people!

dr. sean mcnamara – if i had to pick one of the main doctors to be the carver – i would say i could see sean being the carver over dr. troy – he does seems to have some unresolved anger issues but again making him the carver would kinda kill the show – dr. mcnamara & dr. troy are nip/tuck – it just wouldn’t be the same show without either one of them!

julia mcnamara – i used to think that julia could indeed be the carver – but this season has revealed what an idiot she is – she isn’t the smartest lady on the block – and messing around with quentin is a huge mistake – i just don’t think that julia could pull this off – so i am removing her from the suspect list!

kimber henry – oh i adore ms. kimber – and right now she is being held hostage by the carver so she is for sure NOT the carver – i hope she can escape alive – she has already been slashed and was forced to write dr. troy a goodbye letter – and he believes it – i hope he can rescue her and they live happily ever after…doubtful but let’s hope!

matt mcnamara – as much as i lust for the actor (john hensley) who plays matt – i think his character has just gone way down hill this season – enough of this angry teenager bullshit – it’s tired and boring and this whole skinhead/turning into a weird racist is dumb – they should just ship him off to college & ditch this character – but i would miss seeing his sexy face – gosh he is too adorable!

dr. liz cruz – ahhhhhh – last but not least – we have dr. cruz – i am actually going to place my money on her – i know this might seem way outlandish (and maybe i am far off base) BUT as much as i love her character – she would be fairly easy to dispense as a character and she is the only on on this list with a last name that begins with C…’c is for carver – that’s good enough for me…’ – and making her the crazy carver would be a big twist and i think they could explain it without making it seem too out there…does anyone else agree with me?

so there we have it – damn i love this show! plus lucky us it will be returning for a fourth season – thank heavens – after that who knows…but at least one more year with the whole gang on nip/tuck if you are not watching this show i feel bad for you – since it so rocks! ok enough ‘gushing’ over this show – popbytes over & out! xxoo

PS oh my gosh my friend over at tabloid whore is so on the same page as me – check out what she has to say on the carver!

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