who loves mr. magoo?

good morning! right now i’ve got a toss out here on popbytes – recently the mr. magoo show was released as a complete DVD collection – a four disc set with twenty-six episodes featuring 130 remastered magoo cartoons! mr. magoo always found himself in a sticky situation because of his nearsightedness – which he was always stubborn to admit! i’ve got two copies of the DVD to toss out to popbytes readers – the first people to answer this two-part question will win…who voiced mr. magoo & what other famous show did they star on? email me at mk@popbytes.com with your answers – i’ll update this post once i have two winners! good luck – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

UPDATE congrats to popbytes readers tim & christine who were quick to answer jim backus who voiced mr. magoo and also played ‘thurston howell’ on gilligan’s island – i hope to have more toss outs here so stay tuned! (thanks to everyone else who entered – i wish i had more to give away!)

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