Who loves ‘The L Word’?

hey kids! i seriously hope everyone has been keeping up with the 4th season of the L word over on showtime! i had never watched the series until this year but once i started watching it and got into the groove of the kick-ass characters (the cast totally rocks) i was totally hooked! (plus i ended up subscribing to showtime) one day i’m going to sit down and plow through the first three seasons on DVD! also make sure to check out the show’s website – there’s a ton of cool content!

as the show marches on to its season finale i have some ‘L word’ swag (listed below) to toss out! oh yes you know the drill…whoever emails me first at mk@popbytes.com with the correct answer to this question wins the goods…which cast member had a pop duo band in the 90’s – what’s her name plus the name of the now defunct group? (i was actually a huge fan) i’ll update this post as soon as i have a winner – good luck! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

UPDATE congrats to popbytes reader traci who correctly answered leisha hailey who was part of the murmurs! rock on – i’ll try to have more toss outs soon…

season #1 on DVD

2007 calendar

black tank top

tan baseball cap

season 4 extra large poster

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