ok with all this courtney shit going on – i keep running into the question why – why do i love her so – ok here it is simple and short…

1. her music kicks ass – live through this is a popbytes top ten of all time – seriously – im so serious – and celebrity skin and america’s sweetheart are right up there!

2. SHE JUST DOESNT GIVE A FLYING FUCK AT ALL – SHE DOESNT GIVE A SHIT – and i dont either – and to go back to last night IS BEING WACKY ILLEGAL?? – courtney and i think not – anyone who is uptight or just cant deal – you SUCK – hear me now – hear me roar – i dont give a shit about what anyone thinks about me – it took some time to say that – but you cant live your life caring about what people think! (ok i do admit sometimes i (and courtney) do care – but its more about what we wear or what we dont) but for the big things in life – we dont care! (as for an example of someone who cares – icey nicole…)

and dudes if you havent given a listen to AMERICA’S SWEETHEART – go on and treat yrself –

ok totally unrelated – but oh my ethan had to leave SURVIVOR ALL-STARS – oh i love that boy! but we all KNEW anyone who won before – was not gonna win again!

ok one more – i just cant help myself – but altho i gave it a thumbs up (JANET’s latest dirty escapade – escapade wasnt that a janet song – oh me oh my) – two of my fave people at work (hey brent and chrystal!) – had to give it a thumbs down – so twill be interesting to see what the public – MY PUBLIC (gosh im all evita tonight) – think of DAMITA JO (yes its a completely fucked album name) oh gosh im all curses tonight – sorry mom – you know i love you – and will call soon! :)

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