xtina vs curtis mayfield mashup!

hello everybody! yes even though i originally wasn’t feeling the latest christina aguilera ‘back to basics’ album – i must admit to keepin’ it on heavy ipod rotation! it’s for sure growing on me but of course i still love ain’t no other man (and disc 1 is so much better than disc 2) this week our darling & clever DJ paul v. picks out a hot new mashup featuring xtina mashed up with curtis mayfield – very smooth – you must have a listen below! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo


Anyone with a pulse is feeling the buzz of how red-hot the new Christina Aguilera CD is – and girlfriend sure looks fierce in her new video. And Xtina ain’t no dummy – she released the acapella track of Ain’t No Other Man, knowing full well it will equal extra buzz by tons of mashups being made. Thus, here’s of my favorites from the always cheeky Arty Fufkin. He goes for a 70’s soul tip, melding it with the supafly Pusherman track from Curtis Mayfield (RIP). Do you thing, honey!


– DJ Paul V.

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