Yeah, about Charlie Sheen’s rehab stay …

Charlie Sheen

Whoops! Did I say Charlie Sheen was in rehab? I meant the exact opposite of that. Turns out Charlie never went to rehab and has no plans on going either, which means he can now torpedo his own show from the comfort of his own home while he tries to snort hookers and fuck cocaine. That wasn’t a mix-up. He has literally progressed to that level of addiction.

“He’s getting treatment done at home,” a source tells of the troubled TV star. “He’s doing rehab there.” (A TMZ source confirms that Sheen is being treated at home.) “In compliance with the national health privacy laws (HIPPA), no further information relating to Charlie Sheen’s health or his rehab experience will be released without his written permission,” his rep tells Us in a statement. “I can say that all of us who know Charlie care about him very much. We will support him in any we can in this journey, beginning by respecting his privacy.” SOURCE

Yeah, this has gotta be a huge kick in the ass for Lindsay Lohan. If you want to prove to someone that gender inequality is very real, consider this: Lindsay snorted a little blow here and there? No career. Charlie literally tries to eat a briefcase full of cocaine and build a mansion made out of pornstar titties, we give him $1.8 Million per episode. Susan B. Anthony weeps for this.

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