Yeah, about Lindsay’s community service …

Lindsay Lohan

Oh look, another story about Lindsay Lohan going to court today. Awesome. Anyway, Lindsay had to appear in court for what basically amounted to a check-up concerning her parole. It turns out, that community service that Lindsay’s been so gung-ho about participating in? It turns out in the past two months, she’s only completed about 4 of the allotted 60 days she was supposed to.

Judge Sautner made it clear, Lindsay had better complete her community services within one year of the date of sentencing — or else! The judge said, “I’m not going to give her five extra minutes. I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'” The judge was frustrated that after two months, Lindsay has only completed 4 days of 60 days of community service. The judge was also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling — as she’s required to do. The judge is giving her 21 days to sign up with a personal counselor — not a group counselor. SOURCE

To play devil’s advocate here: Yes, Lindsay has been under house arrest for the past month, so that did cut into her time, but still, when you consider that (A) even if we adjust things and use her rate of four days every month, she’d still only reach about 48 days by the end of the year. So yes, even her work rate during the time when she wasn’t being sentenced to a month-long beach-side drinking party is still pretty abysmal. And I mean really, it’s not like she has anything better to do with her time. If she’s actually serious about getting her life back on track, just get the service out of the way and then get back to work instead of getting completely shit-faced drunk and then blaming it on her shoes.

Lindsay Lohan


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