Yeah, Hugh Hefner is actually running a harem …

So a little while ago, a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner‘s released a book about how Hugh basically ran his own harem out of the Playboy Mansion, where everyone was having unprotected sex for $1,000 a week (You’re kidding, right? Bargain bin much?) As it turns out, that was pretty much totally true.

* On the charge that he paid each his girlfriends, out of safe in his bedroom, $1,000 a week in cash: “That part is true. If you write it and make it sound sleazy, that’s easy to do. But the girls got a clothing allowance.”

*On the claim that he imposed a strict 9 p.m. curfew, by which time all his girlfriends had to be at home or else: “That was also true–and widely publicized. It wasn’t a big secret.” Why the curfew? Hef laughs: “So they wouldn’t be running around on me!” SOURCE

On one hand, the man is a dangerous combination of old, rich and insane, so you can’t really fault him for wanting to play “hide the sad, lifeless, spaghetti strand” with a bunch of golddigging young things. On the other hand, as much as I support the working girls … seriously? Paying for sex is one thing, but paying for a girlfriend? Yeah, I gotta say, that’s entering some weird territory.

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