yikes! the south texas chupacabra!

good morning! last night i was watching jimmy kimmel and he featured a story about the possible discovery of a real-life chupacabra down in south texas by rancher phylis canion who has the head stored in her freezer! (she secured the head after it was killed by a car) chupacabras are mythical creatures and their name means ‘goat sucker’ in spanish! although the creature is way scary & weird looking – it’s most likely not a chupacabra but a gray fox that came down with a bad case of the mange! (parasite infection) there’s a picture below along with a news clip about the creature! i certainly won’t be heading down there anytime soon – i would so run the other way if i saw something like this – and i for sure wouldn’t be storing its dead head (or any dead head for that matter) in my freezer – scary! popbytes over & out for now – TGIF – xxoo!

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