yo majesty vs depeche mode

good morning! oh i hope my today is better than yesterday (when i was playing the part of ‘bad luck sally’) but it has already been started off on a fun note with DJ paul v.‘s latest mashup which he mashed himself! i need to listen to more of yo majesty – gosh i love female rappers! then mixed with some depeche mode and a drop of enya – we’ve got a hot one! many thanks and much appreciation go out to paul v. as always who has kept popbytes on a steady & delicious mashup diet! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Hey yo! This week, you get treated to another mashup of mine. Yo Majesty are three street-tough, femme MCs from Miami – think of them as the NC-17 version of Salt ‘N Pepa? Their debut single ‘Club Action’ has been mashed and bootlegged like crazy, including a crackin’ mix (featuring Enya) from Sydney’s Bagraiders. But I wanted to spice up their mix with some synths, so I mashed it with the Dirty South remix of Depeche Mode‘s ever-fabulous ‘Just Can’t Get Enough.’ So this is kinda like a mega remix mashup melange…

CAUTION: Liberal usage of the F, S, and N words!

listen to DJ Paul V. – ‘Just Can’t Get Club Action’ [.mp3 5.9mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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