yuletide zeppelin – mashup

hey hey! we’ve got one more holiday mashup – and this one literally is like rockin’ around the christmas tree…which is exactly what i’ll be doing this coming tuesday – playing guitar hero like a fool – i’m completely obsessed with the game thanks to my pal joey – i can’t get enough of it! this week DJ paul v. brings us a rock your socks off mashup with the holiday spirit set to a little led zeppelin! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

So what was the big buzz of the last few weeks – aside from the trifecta of non-immaculate conceptions going on with Lily Allen, Jessica Alba, and Jamie Lynn Spears? Why, the huge Led Zeppelin reunion show in the UK, of course! The gods of thunder still rocked it hard, so it’s only fitting to immortalize them with some holiday flava, too. Mash maker Mojochronic drops a grab-bag of Zep tunes and matches them with your favorite Christmas melodies. It’s a veritable stairway to Santa, from the Santastic III in 3-D collection.

Listen to Mojochronic – Yuletide Zeppelin [.mp3 7.2mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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