50 Cent and Chelsea Handler might be banging (?!)

Hello, random celebrity couple that makes no sense. Anyway, TMZ managed to snap some pictures of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler together at a bar in New Orleans last night, which means that by law they are now dating. It’s called the TMZ rule: Basically, if one party has a penis and the other has a vagina, and both parties are photographed together, they are no dating. Ain’t love grand?

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night … and by the way they got up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors. TMZ has obtained a photo of the two of them at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans — and one spy inside the joint tells us they were getting very hot and heavy with each other. SOURCE

Alright, I can kinda understand the appeal from both sides: Chelsea is gorgeous and funny, while 50 Cent is built like a brick-shithouse and is dumber than dumb. I think we can all agree that you can’t go wrong with a man who’s equal parts massive and dumb as shit, am I right?


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