thats what ms. walters is getting paid for her memoirs – and i doubt its like barbara with a powerbook – its more like barbara with a tape recorder and a damn good editor/writer! i do love her though – always have – always will!

KILL BILL VOL 1 hit stores today – please do check it out if you havent – they had a launch party at the playboy mansion – complete with ‘nurse’ waitresses – celebs in attendance included the cast – quentin himself – and some oddities like sharon osbourne (can you believe kelly is in rehab now? i can!) and – pauly shore!

that woman – that dreadful JLO was doing an episode of INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO – with james lipton – gosh he must have fought this one – inside the actor studio with jennifer lopez?? give me a fucking break people – and get this altho they have denied it – marc anthony was there! they are screwing around and honestly it makes me sick – enough of this!

this is reality tv oddness – remember jen who was to marry andrew firestone from their stint on THE BACHELOR – well now she is dating BILL from THE APPRENTICE! wild wild wild!

britney debuted her new video for her next single EVERYTIME – altho she cut a shot of an empty bottle o’ pills – she still shows herself drowning – trying to be saved by hottie steven dorff (who btw i heard is a real ass – a friend from a few yrs back – the daughter of a once popular singer – was at a restuarant and there comes up dorff to chat with her and friends – and before anything he apparently told her NICE TITS – real gentleman he sounds like! i gotta catch that video asap!

jennifer garner the hot as hell star of ALIAS is due to make her film debut in 13 GOING ON 30 – and it looks like a real crowd pleaser – not my type of movie – but looks better than most crap floating around out there – rumors are this could make her a huge star – on top of being hugely popular as sidney on ALIAS – and they are even saying she could maybe join the 20 million a pic club like julia and cameron and a few others!

speaking of crowd pleaser type pics – CONNIE AND CARLA – with nia vardalos (of BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING FAME) and the amazing toni collette – playing gals on the lam who pose as DRAG QUEENS looks like real hoot – i so want to see this movie – and these are so the type of movies i avoid – but this looks simply darling! ok more tomorrow! stay tuned!

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