yes – thats what paula abdul said when asked on simons appearance on SNL this past weekend – i do love simon – and was great to see him up there – janet was EXCELLENT – dudes i so want to learn the dance to that song ALL NITE (DON’T STOP) – its super fierce – and honestly i can NOT STOP listening to that song – its track 10 on DAMITA JO – which i have just fallen in love with – i have gone from courtney to janet in the blink of an eye – gosh people come and go so quickly around here – but i still ache for ms. love!

there is too much going on – but one fun thing first – im always spreading the word on my website to everyone and anyone – so new hip chick lora at work sent it off to her friend steven (i hopes its not stephen if so IM SORRY!) – and this is what he said – i was honored – and makes me want to keep running with this site – altho i have no clue where i am running to – gosh i hear the theme from mahogany in my head – wait i digress – the quote – ‘POPBYTES is really entertaining and informative. He’s sounds like a smart guy, and he’s a good writer too. His Courtney Love banner is pretty fierce. It’s simple, direct, and creative.’ – dudes i love this – and he gave props to the courtney banner – im still beaming over that coup! thanks steven! you and lora keep spreading popbytes like a virus!

ok here a few quick notes of pop interest –

after FIVE YEARS – mr. and mrs. stamos are calling it QUITS! can you believe it? their careers have apparently taken them on different paths – but i do like them both – shes super hot – and for 40 – dudes he is super hot – so i think john and rebecca will make it after all!

THE NICK & JESSICA VARIETY HOUR was a hoot – but be warned young lovebirds – this does not equal a weekly series – this is like a 4x a year treat – and leave it at that – it was fun – but NOT every week!

oh this is super fun – on AMERICAN IDOL tomorrow night – tuesday – they are doing songs from the movies – with get this – get this – hold yr hats – QUENTIN TARANTINO IS THE GUEST JUDGE! CAN U BELIEVE IT? im super psyched – and just on a small note im dying to see what other people think about VOL 2 – maybe i will be in the wrong – BUT i will still say – VOL 1 is better – and thats that!

debbie messing had her baby boy last week – but any news on this front have to be handled by my nyc peep danielle – and her celebrity baby blog – check it out here

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