a brokeback kinda sunday…

hey kids! how was everybodys sunday? it was another nice day ’round the hood here and this morning i was over at the hollywood farmers market on Ivar/Hollywood and i spotted cutie jake gyllenhaal shopping for his fruits & veggies!!! of course he looked adorable as always but i certainly didn’t feel like making a big deal over him (plus my camera was back at home anyways…) he was shopping with a few friends and was even pushing a little cart plus i don’t even think people around noticed him…but i did – oh he is hot!!!

the funny thing is though – i got an email from my pal rick and this morning he spotted heath ledger & michelle williams together over in venice beach with baby matildaheath was kind of walking ahead, ignoring michelle while on the cell phone, she lagged behind carrying the baby…not that they didn’t look blissfully happy beneath their sunglasses and morning hair – i wrote him back that is must be brokeback sunday!

anyways i was able to get some crap done that needed doing and i caught rumor has it on DVD which hits stores tuesday – overall it was okay – shirley maclaine stole every scene she was in and i do love her so it was worth watching just for a shirley fix – my main gripe was that i found the whole jennifer aniston pairing with kevin costner to be on the creepy side but by the end i was glad i watched!

also i caught the red hot chili peppers on SNL which was hosted by tom hanks – it was an okay episode but i just adored the chili peppers – their new double album stadium arcadium also hits stores on tuesday and i have been jamming to an advanced copy all weekend – it’s pretty solid stuff especially considering it is two discs which sometimes doesn’t work out so well…make sure to check it out!

i am out for now but make sure to check back tomorrow for some fresh updates plus it’s the day of the big live two hour david blaine special on ABC – oh i can’t wait to see what goes on with that…much love to all as always – xxoo!

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