magic man

good morning! so for this week’s ‘monday .mp3’ i wanted to pick something that would tie into the whole david blaine special tonight…finally it came to me! i absolutely love heart and what better song for today’s event could top magic man?!?

i know there has been some clamor on is this really ‘magic’ or not? it certainly isn’t your mom’s david copperfield brand o’ tricks but i do think what blaine does is uniquely amazing & magical in the way he pushes his body to the most extreme of limits! david trains his body like no one else i have ever seen so he is able to endure the task at hand plus he also must prepare his mind for the whole psychological aspect of his stunts – i swear popbytes would go stir crazy – i can barely sit still for five minutes!

i highly doubt the average person could pull off any of his tricks or stunts without intense preparation & training – so all the naysayers should calm themselves down – no one should be taking this too seriously – it is really entertainment in the end and is at least something pretty original helping us to break out of the ‘same old same old’ mode

…and of course there is always the bonus of how hot david is! yes a little wrinkled and skinny by now but i am sure he will be looking good again soon! also check out this recent blaine article in the new york times and do try to enjoy (or at least get through…) your monday and please do have a listen to those gals of heart (aka nancy & ann) below – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to heart’s magic man (.mp3 5.1mb)

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