a quick update from chicago!

hey everyone! i made it safe & sound to chicago…let me just say today was one of the longest days ever – and considering i only slept like two hours last night – i’m way tired i can barely even think straight but everything is totally fine! i was able to check into the adobe max conference which kicks off early tomorrow morning – plus i was able to get in a drop of sightseeing with my pals joey & tina! the best thing (besides a giant ferris wheel ride at navy pier) was an hour long architecture boat tour along the chicago river – which was really fascinating & inspiring – a totally great introduction to the city – which is actually really freakin’ windy! poor joey got a small piece of debris blown into her eye – plus she got a blister from walking all over the place! it seems to be a really awesome city but i cannot imagine how it would be in the winter – it must be brutal! by the end of the night we all decided to grab some deep dish pizza which was really good but super filling – i think i’ll stick with thin crust but it was worth a try! ok i so seriously need to go to sleep – i’ll check you all at some point tomorrow – popbytes over & out – xxoo!

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