Regina Spektor – Better

hey boys & girls! i’ve been having a great time here in the windy city – i’ve met a bunch of cool people and learned a few things as well – it’s always good to go and get new professional inspiration! i’m sorry for my lack of postings but i get back to los angeles tomorrow evening and then i’ll be up & running at full speed again on thursday morning! i did however want to bring you the latest regina spektor video for her new single better which is off her incredible album begin to hope – and has totally been a favorite of mine from the past few months – she’s really talented – and adorable! popbytes over & out for now – i might be back later – so stay tuned – xxoo!

PS oh my gosh!!! all the latest britney spears news is totally crazy – even my dear mom who is on vacation emailed me from spain to tell me ms. spears lost custody of her two boys for the time being (it’s not permanent right?!?) well it actually might be permanent if she keeps on behaving like she is – what a freakin’ mess! it was just about a year ago when she first decided to ditch kevin federline – my oh my – the tables have turned a complete 180 – who would have thought things could head this far south?!? this drama is far from over…i feel so bad for those kids – they must be like ‘where’s mommy?’ – the whole thing is just turning out to be really sad – not good times for anyone involved!

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