A real job is beneath Kate Gosselin …

Kate Gosselin

Despite the fact that the viewing public has made it imminently clear that they want nothing to do with her, and despite the fact that her ex-husband told her outright that reality television isn’t a career and that she should focus on getting a real job, Kate Gosselin went on the Today Show to talk about how being a parent means working to give your kids the best opportunities in life, and how she’s just going to avoid doing that by forcing her brood of fame-babies onto another show because she has the maternal instinct of a great white shark eating its own young. According to People:

There is also the fear of what future opportunities might – or, now, might not – exist for her children. With her role as a mother being to “give them the best opportunities available,” she sees TV as able to provide that. Jon’s advice about finally stepping away from the TV cameras and living life normally was totally rejected, though. “Jon may be acceptive of mediocre for his kids,” she countered. “I want the best for my kids.”

So basically, it’s beneath her to get a real job like some sort of common peasant, and she somehow expects that her imaginary talent and charm will just convince people to throw money at her? Yeah, give it a shot you stupid bitch, see how that works. I mean, with most mothers, they’ll just take any job that will pay for what their kids need as long as it’s something they can actually do and they can at least tolerate it,  but yeah, I’m sure your idea of making stupid people pay you because you made terrible life choices will work wonders. I mean, what do you have to lose? Other than your eight children that is.

Kate Gosselin

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