a sunny arrested reunion…please!

well hello! – i say damn that world series – the TV schedule has been messed for weeks – oh those playoffs – and then in the end you get two weak teams – everyone is kinda wishy-washy on the whole thing (if i had to pick i guess i go for the white sox?) but enough is enough already – i am ready to get back on track – especially with a few shows over on FOX…UPN has been kinda fucked too…

this is one show i have so been missing my beloved arrested development (everyone needs a 30 minute mini acid trip on monday nights – this show is wacky & hilarious – one of my favorites) – the loopy zany gang/family of misfits return nov 7th – thank heavens – it’s so out there – i almost can’t believe it is on network tv! i adore it!

also MIA has been reunion which is a fun little show i got into – it starts in 1986 and intends to cover 20 years (1 year = 1 episode) of the lives of a bunch of high school buddies (told in flashbacks from the present where ‘someone’ is dead…who died & who killed is the big mystery?!?) – 1986, 1987, & 1988 have already aired – but check the website – they will be re-airing those episodes – and then next week (nov 3rd) we all land back in 1989 – and someone is to get married – but who? i really like the plot of this show – lots of little mysteries abound – let’s just see if FOX can make it thru 20 episodes…

and finally can i just tell you that the sun has not been shining here in los angeles – it’s been like 3-4 days now – and i’m about to slit my wrists over it – and then you get these people who are like ‘oh i kinda like days like this in los angeles’ – and i just think that’s bullshit – what a lame thing to say – so just shut-up people – this is why we live in LA – we need and thrive on the sun – it’s so depressing without it (palm trees & grey skies do not mix well here) – so please do a a little sun dance for me! (i know my pal gillian will!) gosh see how cranky i am being :( anyways rock & blog on – popbytes out for now…xxoo

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