Introducing Adam Tyler and his ‘Shattered Ice’

Adam Tyler

In the interest of sharing enjoyable pop music so that your lives may be enriched with more quality tunes and less acts like Jason Derülo, I would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to Adam Tyler: an electro-pop artist who – like the PopBytes favorite Simon Curtis – is practically unknown (and thus, severely underrated) but really should be played on Top 40 radio almost as often as that trick, Katy Perry. He’s a non-douchey—and-more-likable Derülo who is as enjoyable as fellow Adam, Lambert, with production that is fairly reminiscent of Robyn (who is also criminally under appreciated) – which all adds up to be one awesome pop act. Adam’s debut album, Shattered Ice, was released this past week (get it on iTunes or snag a physical copy from his website!) and it is nothing short of a great dance/pop record. Marrying stellar vocals and sleek electronic and synth-based production, it is a truly pleasurable listen all the way through – and plus, there are three stripped-down versions of album tracks at the end that are somehow equally as awesome as the main versions! Some favorites from the fourteen-song tracklist include: Like A Drug, I Won’t Let You Go, Touch and Taking Back My Love.

Adam Tyler 'Shattered Ice'

Honestly, anyone who’s a casual or hardcore appreciator of pop music should really check out this album, there is absolutely going to be at the very least one song you like!

For anyone skeptical, check out Like A Drug here:


Adam Tyler