Adele won’t be releasing a new album anytime soon!


Despite the fact that it has sort of become de facto for artists to release a new album every year, and occasionally in even less time, Adele told Billboard magazine that after the huge success of her Grammy-nominated album 21, she probably won’t be releasing another one for a couple of years. So … I guess it’ll be a while before we get to listen to 24, huh? Life totally sucks like that!

Adele says that right now she’s not working on new music, and she might not release another album for quite some time. For the moment, she’s enjoying her time off. “I’m just going to lay some concrete, set up home and just ‘be’ for a bit,” she says. “I’ll disappear and come back with a record when it’s good enough. There will be no new music until it’s good enough and until I’m ready.”

On one hand, you can’t really rush the creative process so we won’t have to worry about her next album being a disappointment. But still, it’s going to be a long couple of years until we get the next Adele album. To put it in perspective: Soulja Boy can probably release like seventeen mix-tapes in that amount of time. And they would all be terrible, but I guess that’s just redundant.


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