alanis @ starbucks – oi vey!

oh kids! i feel old – jagged little pill is now officially 10 yrs old! i will tell you this – i so loved that album – it was so the right record at the right moment – i think it just struck a chord for me & many – she couldn’t have nailed down the zeitgeist of the time any better – i drove people nuts with it – i saw her like 3x in concert (the best being pre her big hit – at roseland in NYC) and so now the lady doth decides to release an acoustic version of the album to commemorate the 10 yrs – but here is the weird thing – it will only be sold at starbucks! (a little ironic, don’t ya think?) for the first 6 weeks – now don’t get me wrong – i’m there almost everyday (passion tea lemonade rocks FYI) – but sorry i just don’t consider starbucks to be where i would buy music – it seems so packaged – buy coffee and listen to alanis acoustically – let’s all be bohemian or some shit like that – anyways i have been listening to an advance copy and it is great but just don’t buy it at starbucks (you can wait a little longer) – it just doesn’t seem right – popbytes out for now!

Traditional music retailers say they are dismayed that Alanis Morissette’s new acoustic version of “Jagged Little Pill” (Maverick) will be sold exclusively at Starbucks for a six-week window before it is released to other U.S. merchants.

While Maverick CEO Guy Oseary told Billboard last week, “I think regular retail will understand it’s a one-off with Starbucks,” retailers wonder if he understands that their definition of “one-off” differs from his.


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