All T, All Shade: Who will win RuPaul’s Drag Race S6?

RuPaul's Drag Race

What the what? How did this happen? How are we already down to the final three on RuPaul’s Drag Race? Crap that went by fast. Anyway, Darienne Lake went home last night, which means our final three is Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, and Courtney Act. Who stands the best chance of winning? Well, let’s break it down for a bitch …

RuPaul's Drag Race

Adore Delano

Why she could win: Out of all the queens, Adore has shown the most improvement while still holding onto who she is. Over the course of the season, she’s overcome her own insecurities, polished her look a little, and even learned how to sew! As the judges not, she’s effortlessly charismatic, she has the uniqueness, the nerve, and the talent, and her winning would be a huge encouragement to every baby queen out there looking to break into drag.

The case against her: Adore has had as many downs as she’s had ups. Her big problem is her commitment; Adore operates under the assumption that she can wing it on charisma and talent alone, and doesn’t understand just how much preparation and polish can actually sell the final product. There’s also the matter that Adore’s polish and sewing skills were guided by Bianca.

Will she win: She absolutely could. The audience has a connection with Adore that feels strong and personal, and more than anyone else in the final three, she most represents the viewers at home.

Bianca Del Rio

Why she could win: In six seasons, Bianca Del Rio is the only queen to ever make it through the season without placing low or getting harshly critiqued by the judges. Out of the final three, Bianca has the most clearly defined character and look, has consistently been the best of the lot, and even managed to soften up her insult comic edge to encourage the younger queens to realize their full potential. Bianca has a great understanding of how to balance elements that are mean and cutting with her more nurturing, sweeter side to create a synthesis that’s endearing and hilarious.

The case against her: The only downside to Bianca is that, at times, she can go a little overboard on the meanness when she feels threatened or attacked. As I said before, Bianca has good intentions, but I’m not sure if she’s always aware of how she can come across.

Will she win: D’uh, of course she will. Bianca’s the clear frontrunner, and at this point she’s performed too well in the competition to not win, and she has stands to make the mot of her crown.

Courtney Act

Why she should win: Thanks to her tenure in Australia, Courtney already has plenty of experience dealing with fame and public scrutiny. Her look is consistently flawless, she’s talented, and she’s shown that she can be diplomatic. She also seems to be the mid-point between Adore and Bianca, as she has Adore’s talent and singing abilities, coupled with Bianca’s poise, polish and experience. She’s right in the middle of them …

The case against her: … But that means she never really reaches the highs they can. While Courtney has never done badly, she’s also never really wowed us either. Yes, she won the Rusical challenge, but other than Adore there wasn’t much competition. And while she won the talk show challenge, it’s mostly because everyone else failed miserably. Courtney is a safe middle-ground, and while that means she’ll never disappoint, it also means she doesn’t really dazzle us by surpassing our expectations.

Will she win: She could, but in all likelihood she won’t. If Adore and Bianca are the Master Builders, taking individual pieces and putting them together in an endless array of inventive creations, Coutney is the one who diligently puts them together according to the instructions. The end product may be beautiful, but it’s not daring.

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