All aboard Michael Lohan’s fail boat!

Michael Lohan

What’s worse than Michael Lohan opening his own rehab facility? Michael Lohan opening his own rehab facility on a fucking yacht, that’s what. Somewhere, deep in drug-addled, famewhoring recesses of Mesh Shirt’s mind, he somehow plucked the idea that he’s completely fit to run a rehab facility despite the fact that he sired a daughter whose heart pumps sangria and personally has the sense of moderation of a hungry pitbull left alone in a butcher shop. OH! And before I forget, this is all going to be a reality TV show. So basically, someone is going to end up dead.

Lohan was out at sea off the coast of Florida last week, launching a rehab facility that is housed aboard a 130-foot, three-level yacht. There were about two dozen people aboard the boat — rehabers and rehabees combined. But if it’s Michael Lohan we’re talking about, then there will be cameras involved. We’re told there was a camera crew on board, filming the whole thing for a possible reality show. SOURCE

Fantastic idea: Take an assload of addicts, put them on a secluded yacht with Michael Lohan where the only escape is death or swimming through shark-infested waters … which is basically also death. So really there is no way off this ship other than to be devoured by a blood-thirsty behemoth who knows only hunger, or a great white shark. I have to be honest with you, neither of those options sounds great to me.

Michael Lohan

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