Amanda Bynes is an idiot

Amanda Bynes

A few of you might remember Amanda Bynes from her parts in Hairspray and Easy A, although chances are most of you don’t remember her at all. Anyway, Amanda was pulled over for talking on her cell phone while driving, and decided that the most sane and rational thing to do in that situation was to just drive away while the cop was writing her ticket. TMZ reports …

Bynes was originally pulled over for talking on a cell phone while driving yesterday afternoon. The officer approached the car and collected all of Amanda’s information so he could write up the citation. But Amanda didn’t feel like waiting around … and hit the gas before the cop could hand over the ticket for the actress to sign. We’re told the cop decided NOT to pursue Bynes because he didn’t feel she was dangerous … and besides, he already had all of her information. Later that day, Bynes rolled by the police station and signed the ticket … but we’re told she’s not off the hook for leaving the scene early. Authorities are currently investigating the situation … and will decide if Bynes should face further charges for her untimely exit.

This of course sounds ridiculously goddamn stupid, until you remember that this is Los Angeles, where even the most basic of celebrities can bulldoze a public school and the harshest punishment they’ll get is a stern talking to and a demand for them to eat all their vegetables before they can eat their dessert. “All of it, little missy, or no dessert! All right, fine, just three bites. Two? Fine, one bite, but that’s it.”

Amanda Bynes

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