Anderson Cooper got punched in his pretty, pretty face!

Anderson Cooper

We haven’t been covering the revolution in Egypt on the site because … well, we’re a gossip site people. We don’t actually really cover real news. We just make funny jokes about drug addicts and whores. That being said, Anderson Cooper does sort of count as a celebrity, and he just so happens to be pretty and in all likelihood gay (of course Anderson is, he just hasn’t made it ‘official’ yet), which means by gossip blogging code I can write about how he got punched in the face in Egypt.

The news anchor, 43, and his team were besieged by an angry mob of pro-government forces — supporters of Egypt’s controversial President Mubarak — near the ancient city’s Tahrir Square. “My team were set upon by the crowd,” Cooper said on CNN this morning via telephone (as reported by Gawker). “There was no rhyme or reason to it–it was just people looking for a fight, looking to make a point, and punching us.” SOURCE

Oh yes, I’m sure this is how you win points for your side: Beat up beloved reporters, get your entire country to hate you, and ensure that your massive corruption is the target of the world media. Of course, he’s a dictator so as we all know things like laws and human rights don’t really apply to him. Three cheers for running your country into the ground for the sake of political power!

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