James Franco is a rentboy!

James Franco

Well, not really. James Franco is actually going to be playing a ‘gigolo’ on Broadway opposite Nicole Kidman. On a sidenote, really? People still use the term ‘gigolo’? Jesus, even my mom uses ‘rentboy’ nowadays. Saying ‘gigolo’ is like wearing shoulder pads and leg warmers.

The renaissance man actor/author/student/professor and Oscar host has found a bit of time to squeeze starring in a Broadway show into his schedule, attaching himself to a revival of Tennessee Williams’ ‘Sweet Bird of Youth.’ He has an impressive co-star, too: Nicole Kidman is also committed to starring in the show. Deadline.com broke the news of the commitments, saying that both stars are negotiating but firmly in on the Scott Rudin-produced project. It should be a major headliner, as both Franco and Kidman are nominated for Academy Awards. Franco will play Chance Wayne, a gigolo who becomes the companion of aging actress Alexandra Del Lago, to be played by Kidman. SOURCE

Jesus, is it just me or is James Franco really embracing the adult entertainment industry? Seriously James, it’s okay: If you want to get paid to fuck for a living, you can totally do it. Everyone’s doing it! Hell, I’m sure Falcon Studios would be only to happy to have you on. Plus I hear if you sign an exclusive contract with them, the muffin baskets? To die for.

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