FitnessBytes: Have a fat day!

Channing Tatum

I’ve said many times before I’d do Channing Tatum ROTTEN. He’s is looking dirty hot (literally, filthy) in his new movie The Eagle. No shower necessary!

When he’s not filming, Chan is known to chase the chunk. There’s even a video showcase highlighting his body transformations!

Dramatic weight gain and loss is not ideal, so learn to scale it back. Rather than effectively let yourself go, appreciate the value of a good old fashioned fat day! Sometimes everybody NEEDS to just let go (read about a recent calorie fest on my blog).

Some suggest that allowing regular cheat days actually helps stay on track with a diet plan because we’re not denying ourselves those terrible, yet delicious things we want the most. Every now and then it’s ok to go ahead and indulge. I give you the green light to (occasional) gluttony!

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