Andy Cohen vs. Stupid Trashy Whores!

Andy Cohen, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

So by now you heard about how Heidi Montag was all like “I’m gonna join the case of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!” and Bravo executive Andy Cohen was all like “I will kill myself before that happens because you’re trash”. Well, Spencer Pratt has fired back with a steaming pile of self-righteous indignation, demanding a public apology from Andy for calling his plastic wife stupid, slutty trash.

“You think you’re special because you have your little talk show that’s hurting in ratings doesn’t give you special authority to bash a young girl.”

“Maybe you have issues with women. From how I see you treat the women on all the series during your reunion shows, it’s clear you you don’t respect your talented housewives, always mocking them.”

“Most viewers of Bravo are women, and no woman wants to hear a man call another woman trash.”

“If he had such a problem with my wife, why didn’t he say something to our faces when we met his arrogant self in NYC.

“He is not an individual, he represents a network and as much as I used to love watching shows on Bravo. After this, I will never watch a Bravo series because they choose hateful people as the face and spokesperson
of the network.” SOURCE

First, of course he mocks the women on his shows. Have you actually seen them? They’re awful. Second, you and your inflatable wife are trash. I mean hell, have you ever noticed that the only time people talk about you is when they’re remembering how much they hate you? Just saying, if it looks like a useless slut, walks like a useless slut, and talks like a useless slut, you’re both probably useless sluts.

Andy Cohen, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

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