angelina jolie…a mourning anorexic?!?

oh gosh! below is the very latest cover of STAR magazine which for the second week in a row feeds off of angelina jolie still in mourning for her mom marcheline bertrand who passed away at age 56 a little over a week ago…i guess last week’s issue was a seller even though it was in poor taste and judgment just like this week’s cover! there’s plenty of other more fun stories (britney spears looking like a total mess with a bit of a belly should’ve made the main story – oh she better not be preggers again…that’s the last thing she needs!)

if i were running things i would have chilled out on the jolie story – i just feel awful for angie having lost her mom and then being splashed across tabloids as being anorexic?!? that’s such a strong word…not good times! at least they didn’t try to tie poor jennifer aniston into the story – oh man that girl needs a break along with angelina – those two so need to do like a thelma & louise type pic together (it’s totally time for another great road trip chick flick) and show everyone with dual oscar nominations! (unfortunately they usually cancel each other out)

and what’s up with sheryl crow & lance armstrong?!? he’s such an ass…she better not be back with him! that’s the main story i’m concerned with! when ms. crow first appeared on the scene i couldn’t stand her but let me tell you now – she’s one of the best! one time back in NYC i saw her three nights in a row at the beacon – she’s seriously the real deal! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS if push comes to shove between kat(i)e holmes & tom cruise over baby suri you all know who’ll win…STAR has an interesting kooky angle on that story which i’ll post tomorrow! (no xenu didn’t father the baby!)

when angelina arrived at the golden globes on jan. 15, many were shocked by how frail the once curvaceous actress looked. the recent death of her beloved mother may push her over the edge; she has barely been eating at all. “she’s rail thin,” says a source of angie, who is estimated to carry just 118 lbs on her 5’7″ frame, while 140 pounds is the norm for her height.

“you’re afraid to hug her because she might break.” “angie doesn’t seem to have a healthy appetite,” a source says. “when she’s depressed or stressed, it’s worse.” it seems that even before her mom’s death, food wasn’t that important to angie. she reportedly fainted three times times last october while shooting a movie in india, and a source told star at the time, “she’s surviving on trail mix.” brad is now deeply concerned about how thin she’s become. “he’s worried. he tries to plan meals, but she doesn’t seem interested.”

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