lily allen in LA…discovered & downloaded!

hey kids!!! so last night was lily allen‘s first night of her MTV discover & download tour which kicked off in los angeles over at the henry fonda theater which is fairly close to my humble abode! (that venue’s sound was questionable – lily deserves good acoustics) i met up with some great friends (hi to vanessa, joey, tatiana, and DJ paul v.!) plus fellow pop blogger lisa timmons was there from the always lovely a socialite’s life (read her review) overall i had a great time but there were a few issues…including having to put my camera back in the car!

now let me start off with i completely love & adore ms. allen but she really took her time coming to the stage – we nabbed great spots around 8pm and she didn’t play until about 10:30!!! it was packed to the brim – i don’t think another person could have fit in the venue plus it was super hot…there was no AC anywhere to be felt! even lily was sweating her ass off – everyone was quite (really) uncomfortable! especially after standing in the same spot for such a long time i grew quite restless and finally about midway through lily’s set i turned to lisa and was like i need to move out of this crowd which was the best thing i could have done (popbytes fainting at a lily concert would be so not cool)

of course i can’t help but compare the show to my first time seeing ms. allen play live back in october at the trobadour (read my review) i much preferred the first time around but it was so neat to see how lily has grown pretty comfortable with performing – she was relaxed and really playful and seemed to be enjoying herself a lot! the crowd was totally eating her perfomance up although i think everyone felt the same way i did – it was too hot and crowded but i’d see her again in a heartbeat!

in closing i’ll admit that i’ve been completely obsessed for months over lily allen (this marks my 15th post on her – oh my word!) i’ve played her album alright, still what seems like a thousand times (1001…since i’m listening to her right now) but for right now i need to chill out – i don’t want to grow sick of her and i’m going to let everyone else discover ms. allen for themselves – i can’t wait until she releases her sophomore album! finally i must mention the incredible gal who first turned me onto lily (plus we totally bonded over her) my dear friend victoria who has spearheaded the promotion of lily like no one else! (i swear capitol records needs to send her a big ass bouquet of flowers and oh yes i’m being completely fucking serious!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS check out a few pics snapped by my pal joey along with some youtube clips – not the best quality but will give you a sense of the show!

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