Angelina Jolie reveals the meaning behind her new tattoo

Angelina Jolie

So after a month of wild speculation (or, more accurately, 24 hours of speculation followed by 29 days of ambivalence), Angelina Jolie has revealed the meaning behind her latest set of coordinate tattoos. It turns out, the answer was pretty much in front of everyone all along, because it turns out they’re the coordinates of Brad Pitt‘s birth place, which would have been glaringly obvious to anyone who could, oh I don’t know, GOOGLE?

Jolie’s latest tattoo sparked adoption speculation last month, when she revealed a new set of map coordinates on her arm, just underneath tattoos of coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children. But as suspected, the tattoo was in honor of Pitt, not a new child. “Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace.” Jolie told Extra on Wednesday. “It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma.”


Well now I feel stupid. Hear I was thinking it was the magical destination of Angelina’s newest magical rainbow child, and it turns out it was the place where someone popped Brad out of their cooter. DAMN YOU, INTERNETS! You’ve fooled me for the last time! Although I really should thank you for telling me all about the Illuminati and the lizard people. Man, it’s a good thing you backed that up with no real evidence either, otherwise I would have thought you people were just bored, paranoid people creating fiction and passing it off as fact to avoid the ennui of your own life!

Angelina Jolie

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