Lady Gaga wore penis heels on ‘Idol’ last night!

Lady Gaga

Did you happen to catch American Idol last night? I passed on this season because the show kind of passed its expiration date after that dude with the grey hair won (Taylor Hicks?) and I haven’t really bothered with it since, plus there’s no sign of Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul. Anyway, Lady Gaga was on the show last night to mentor the contestants (what does that mean? No clue, but apparently it’s very important and worthy of Gaga’s precious time), and decided to take the primetime opportunity to put her brand new shoes on display for everyone! Unfortunately, said shoes were showcasing penis heels.

When Gaga appeared on the show, producers smacked an Idol logo over her sexually explicit stilettos because they each had a Lucite penis for a heel. The porno pumps by London fashion brand Void of Course may be racy but they ain’t cheap … they retail for over $4500. SOURCE

Wait, what? Jesus, $4,500 for penis heels? Seriously? Here’s a thought: Go out, buy a pair of sensibly priced pumps, then pick up a couple cheap, small lucite dildoes. Remove the heels from the shoes and hot glue gun the dildoes in their place. Congratulations, you just got yourself a pair of pretty much the exact same heels for way less than what Gaga paid, Martha Stewart would be oh so proud. Tune in next week when we teach you all how to make a festive and fun centerpiece for your sex dungeon!

Lady Gaga

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