Jersey Shore’s Angelina got fake engaged!

Dave Kovacs and Angelina Pivarnick

So apparently, Jersey Shore‘s Angelina Pivarnick got engaged to Dave Kovacs on the red carpet of a New York Fashion Week event last week, which in true famewhore fashion, she did in front of as many cameras as possible. Well, it turns out this may or may not have been a complete publicity stunt meant to land them a reality TV show, and they might actually hate each other. In short, just another engagement.

Dave Kovacs, the insider explains, wants to be famous. He loves Jersey Shore, assumes the producers are going to invite the controversial Angelina back into the cast, and believes if they’re engaged, he’ll be part of the MTV reality show too. “But Angelina is also seeing this guy Ivan, a firefighter from Staten Island. The day she got engaged to Dave, she put photos of herself and Ivan together on on her twitter with their shirts pulled up leaning up against each other in his bedroom,” the source reveals. […] The source also explains that Dave had a “panic attack” after proposing and that what led him to send the text calling his true love Angelina “a bad evil person.” SOURCE

My God, I never thought I’d say this but I think this bitch actually managed to outdo Tila Tequila. I’m not saying that their’s a fake-pregnancy followed by a fake-abortion in her future, all I’m saying is that MTV just has a knack for pumping out crazy in a way that can only rival the Jesuits.

Dave Kovacs and Angelina Pivarnick

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